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Chapter 922 – Sword Practice pen license
“Again.” Zhou Wen’s expression didn’t transform while he retracted his sword.
Sadie obtained the Eye of Odin, so Zhou Wen’s actions appeared like sluggish movement to her. As a result, providing her sword’s performance could keep pace, Sadie could break Zhou Wen’s sword methods.
Immediately after seeing and hearing the veteran’s terms, Zhou Wen seen that the appearance of the sword wasn’t vital. He required to be aware what he could use the sword.
Having said that, this time around, Sadie saw that Zhou Wen’s sword art work was diverse. This time around, Zhou Wen’s invasion wasn’t that fast or offensive. It appeared to have grown a protective sword craft.
However, the pace at which she became more robust clearly couldn’t keep up with Zhou Wen. As Zhou Wen utilized several sword intents, Gulli was already dazzled. He couldn’t recall how many sword intents Zhou Wen obtained applied.
Sadie didn’t determine what was the point of carrying on rehearsing. Zhou Wen’s fast sword was anything she could see, though not dodge. There was no part of maintaining.
Having said that, this time around, Zhou Wen was quickly defeated. This has been as he was focused on defending and counterattacking, but due to existence of the Eye of Odin, it turned out tough to fight for against Sadie’s assaults.
Immediately after seeing and hearing the veteran’s terms, Zhou Wen found that the look of the sword wasn’t critical. He necessary to understand what he could do with the sword.
“Forget it. Take the time. Anyways, I’m only one individual. I won’t get involved with monsters like you people.” Gulli believed which he possessed go to a bad position.
Right after a lot more than ten occurs, Zhou Wen’s sword method possessed actually improved considerably. It had been unimaginable.
“Four… Five… Six… Heavens… How many sword intents has Coach learned?” Gulli experienced like he was dreaming.
“Draw your sword,” Zhou Wen thought to Sadie.
In past times, when he was in the supreme Friends and family Clan, he was still considered a prodigy. Other than existences like Lance and Sadie, he was always basking inside the spotlight.
Having said that, Zhou Wen still desired to carry on. In addition, the sword craft he utilised was still a similar, even so the sword objective experienced changed.
“Again,” Zhou Wen retracted his sword and extended.
The identical move against Sadie was pretty much doomed to disaster. There was no chance of profitable.
Our Friend the Charlatan
Having said that, the speed in which she grew to become more powerful clearly couldn’t sustain Zhou Wen. As Zhou Wen utilised diverse sword intents, Gulli was already dazzled. He couldn’t remember the quantity of sword intents Zhou Wen acquired utilised.
Nonetheless, this time around, Zhou Wen was quickly conquered. That was while he was concentrated on defending and counterattacking, but due to the presence of the attention of Odin, it had been hard to shield against Sadie’s conditions.
Nevertheless, this time around, Sadie found that Zhou Wen’s sword craft was several. This time, Zhou Wen’s episode wasn’t that fast or offensive. It did actually have become a protective sword fine art.
“I missing.” Sadie was certain of her overcome.
Immediately after duplicated setbacks, it grew to be a lot more difficult for Sadie to defeat Zhou Wen. Nearly very much the same as ahead of, Sadie seen that she obtained not a way of breaking through Zhou Wen’s defensive sword technique.
“Continue.” Zhou Wen’s phrase didn’t change as he fought Sadie once again.
Nonetheless, the moment she retreated, there was clearly no chance of succeeding. Zhou Wen’s sword techniques more rapid with every affect. Shortly, Zhou Wen’s sword directed at Sadie’s chest muscles.
Zhou Wen smacked out at practically the same time frame. He was as fast as lightning, much like Sadie. These were both fast-infiltration sword approaches.
“What’s taking? Private coach used a sword art with three diverse sword intents? How have he become an expert in it?” Gulli was dumbfounded.
Zhou Wen randomly chose a exercise sword. It absolutely was the commonly seen a few-foot-long sword from the Eastern side District. It had been right and light-weight.
Nevertheless, that wasn’t the situation. Each and every time Zhou Wen unsheathed his sword, the sword process did actually turn into much stronger than right before. It wasn’t just a marked improvement in technique and performance, but more to the point, the sword objective as part of his sword approach has become stronger and tougher.
Sadie believed horrible, but concurrently, she was very excited. She has also been a sword pract.i.tioner. To be able to deal with so many types of sword intents was helpful to her. Her understanding of the sword deepened as her sword tactics grew to be more powerful.
She triumphed! Gulli found Sadie’s sword arrive at Zhou Wen’s pectoral first. Regarding Zhou Wen’s sword, it had been still a long distance far from Sadie. He couldn’t assistance but be overjoyed and nearly jumped up.
Just as Li Xuan had mentioned, Zhou Wen didn’t just have several sword intents. The fact is, it wasn’t a man sword skill. The whitened-robed gentleman in the Peach Blossom Planting season was no longer our, so his sword art work was naturally not just a our sword skill. Including the white-robed person couldn’t assume that Zhou Wen could commit to memory several thousand sword intents. It was actually noticeable how unbelievable the sword fine art was.
Sadie didn’t understand what was the point of carrying on practising. Zhou Wen’s fast sword was anything she could see, but not dodge. There had been no point in maintaining.
Zhou Wen possessed only memorized the 3 thousand sword intents, but he hadn’t actually used them. Now, Zhou Wen planned to process while using the three thousand sword intents himself to really see the subtlety of your sword intents.
Sadie never required to gain. She found it unbelievable.
Right after hearing the veteran’s words and phrases, Zhou Wen pointed out that the look of the sword wasn’t important. He desired to understand what he could use the sword.

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